Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An "AHA" moment.

As I'm going through Geoff Lawton's PDC course, I'm learning all sorts of new and exciting things.
One of these things is the concept that weeds are actually what nature uses to heal the land.

For example: when the soil is compacted, weeds with long taproots are most abundant. These long taproots dig down and de compact the soil and eventually create compost pathways when the plant itself dies. In so doing, it repairs the landscape.

I have also learned a bit about grey water and and other biological filtration systems. I've learned that reeds are used to filter the water and clean it of nutrient and toxins.

So, combining these to pieces of info leads to this "AHA" moment.

I've heard folks complain about how Utah Lake is being "overrun" by the reeds. I've also heard that this same lake has been heavily polluted over the last few decades.


The system is repairing itself by having reeds clean the lake! Wow...

But instead of helping to speed up the cleaning process, we as humans are fighting the symptom. (the reeds)
The Utah government in their infinite wisdom has started to spray a RoundUp like poison directly on the reeds. WHICH WILL inevitably lead to POISONING our largest body of fresh water in Utah!

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